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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Its Better to Be A Brat From Being A Dumb Blonde...

After so many miserable nights I finally decided to get over everything and reading an actress' interview in today's daily made me stick to my decision of being "the one I am".Her 'don't let anyone have the remote control of your life' attitude made me stronger.

mY aTtItUdE
After last night I realized that we can't clutch  few things to make them ours forever. Sometimes we have to let things go and sometimes we ourselves have to move out. Since then I decided that I will be myself as I was earlier ...tameless , free, and not into much complications of life...But with much control of my thoughts..3 years are enough for getting that understood.
Almost forgot to be myself and a series of things went  like a sudden storm and broke my state of euphoria...
To be a blonde is not my piece of cake...I was a Brat and will always be...and whenever I tried being a foolish dumb blonde( the most favorite category of gals among guys) ,I ended up in a mess.
yeah ofcourse I learnt from my mistakes...and these mistakes were solely mine for which I hold no one else responsible....and now slowly trying to join the pieces of selfconfiendence again...
In my life ahead I am sure that I will make mistakes again but surely not try to repeat them. And also not regret for them.

(mean- taylor swift)

After all I am a leo...I am born to rule ..I am my own support and wont give a damn to you if you call me the "spoilt reckless brat"...

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