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Monday, June 17, 2013


Being  able to define the little things of the world in one’s own way is the best thing one can do. This earth is full of amazing creations. To observe the little awesome happenings of the nature and to realise how wonderful they can be is amongst the best feelings one can feel...
I have always been creative. I love to depict my feelings in different ways. It helps me connect to the nature. The small sorrows of life appear to vanish when when i find myself indulged with the nature !

I was hardly four when maa took me to a place where there was music and people were moving together in a synchronising way. It seemed as if their gestures defined every word of the song! It was amazing..ohh yes it was a dance class...!! and i joined in!
initially the dance master was tough.. i loved to practice but his scoldings made me dislike him..
but then the stage performance....the mass...the  lights..the stage ! made me love it. In the beginning i was nervous but maa gave me confidence “ go..you can do it!”
And  i did it!
the sound of applauses ..the praisings of people...as a little kid i enjoyed the attention. And gradually i fell in love with the stage. My first love was it...and i owe maa a lot for introducing me to my first love..
i could so beautifully express my feelings through dancing..

Kathak , Bharatnatyam,  rabindra nritya, mordern forms and what not...bending arms to correct degrees, learning mudras, and the weekly practice with the tabla...dance and i became inseparable...from performing shows to winning competitions..i had it all..

Adolescent days were knocking at the door. With passing days i began to get involved in more activities of school and my love for dance grew more...but the other thing which begun to grab my attention was drama. Though in my school we could perform a very few of the plays and we didn’t have a teacher for that...
And with the passing years i became more like a lady...my moves and expressions became more expressive...i was known for dance drama, paintings , elocutions more than academics (though i was equally good in academics those days) now.
But every good era has to come to an end someday..with the increase in involvement in science subjects of class 12 and a few more distractions led to the lesser devotion of time towards my true love...and gradually i left dancing professionally. Dance and drama became secondary things of my life.
later on when all was over and i stayed at home till my admissions in engineering college was finalised..i realised that something was missing in my life...the stage , the lights , the dance , the drama....!
And I felt i would never become part of it again. But after getting into heritage i found everything i couldn’t
even imagine an engineering college can have. Its cultural part was strong unlike many other colleges. Film festivals, drama competition, dance  programmes and everything was there. Though it was tough to make a place among all these rich popular kids but still i cud find some way to join the areas of my interest. The rejection in the dance team due to favourism ( which was clearly visible) disappointed me but drama gave me the place. It gave me the stage back, it gave me my confidence back .
Now i want to perform more...i want to dance ... i miss dancing professionally a lot...

Dance gives me happiness and drama lets me express myself in a complete way...i wanna start it again soon...

Dear dance and drama,
I love u.
after all you are the ones who gave me unconditional happiness through years. You are the ones who are reasons for m alive. Afterall u are the ones who never gonna leave me..as you are within me...
with love,