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Saturday, January 18, 2014


Christmas lights and presents..The New Years celebration....winters were the seasons of celebrations.
She has been always having a lonely winters though, and used to celebrate with a few family members every year.
This year it was special.. for he was with her...for this year she got someone to hold as each of her friends had every year...
Watching her friends with their ones and herself being a loner sucked. This was another reason why she never used to move out with friends on a New Years apart from her dislike of being in over crowded parties. But this New Year was different.
She finally got someone to get indulged with she thought. Someone was there now to hold her, someone she could call as hers, only hers. She felt like a dream come true.
It was a lonely house with tiny flickering lights and candles all around. It was cold and
snowing heavily outside. Her family had moved outside to attend a New Year's party while she stayed at home.
He wrapped her in his arms and comforted her. And started kissing her passionately. Then slowly he explored her body (he already did that with her mind making her crazy for him). It was so safe to be with him, even the pains were apparently sweet..she thought.
But for him she was just another girl and he was having a good New Year's treat. He was fulfilling his basic needs of sex. He was enjoying his youth for that was the most important thing to him but she failed to know.
All of a sudden a thousand thoughts flushed her mind. The thought of their wedding, the thought of having babies, the thought of nurturing them and growing old together all hovered over her mind. For she didn't know that he had no such plans. For she believed in him more than herself. For she had the confidence that eventually he will be hers. For she believed her love would conquer all odds. For she was a fool to think of her ever miserable life turning to be a fairytale.
After spending the day with her, making her confident that he is gonna be with her,he left.
She fell for the most practical guy she has seen in her life... But she never thought he would turn out to be a total insensitive human being the very second day of the new year. Suddenly it appeared as if everything was false.
She was abandoned at the midway of the road... he left her alone amidst the lonely streets of London.
It felt cold, it felt lonely, she was frozen for the only person in her life left without a reason. At once her dreams were shattered for their moments were a lie to him. All her thoughts and her feelings went untrue...
Winters have shown its colour again..and this time in a harsh way... Her lonely winters went lonelier...
and this time FOREVER... for she decided she would never hold anyone's hand again...